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/ Tips & Tricks / 5 Tips & Tricks for everyday application Electric paint usage in home !
five ways to use electric paint

5 Tips & Tricks for everyday application Electric paint usage in home !

Light up a paper circuit with Electric Paint

Our Electric Paint Circuit Kit is a nice simple activity that you can easily do at home.

Follow up step by step this tutorial for further help!

Create custom-made lamps

The Electric Paint Lamp Kit contains 3 different lamps, which you can either build and attach to your wall or customise by using wrapping paper and glue!

Find out more idea inspiration how to design your lamps !

Install a light within a bookcase

There are a variety of light installations you can make with the Light Up Board, a sheet of card and Electric PaintOne example is a shelves light, but you can replace a light bulb anywhere in your house where you have access to power.

Follow up this tutorial step by step to light up your bookcase.

shelf lamp

Paint the circuit

Place the LEDs from the Electric Paint Circuit Kit in positions, making sure that the negative and positive sides are correctly placed. Then, with the Electric Paint tube, apply a little bit of paint between the LED and the circuit. Repeat this with the other LEDs and then paint the circuit.

Follow up this tutorial for creating your first Electric paint circuit .

Make An Interactive Framed Print With The Touch Board

With a Printed Sensor, a Touch Board and a picture frame, you can make your soundwave print interactive. 

Follow this tutorialfor more details on this easy craft piece and add interactive art to your room!

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