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About Us

STEAM: Redefining Perception, Nurturing Futures, and Relentless Innovation!

What is Steamkits.eu

Steamkits.eu are a collective of engineers, designers, tech specialists, educators and artists. And we want to help others to achieve great things through the STEAM approach!

Here is our ideology:

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, ARTS and mathematics. We are moving away from the old dogma where STEM fields were just STEM.

We – the Steamkits Team – truly believe that arts and creativity belong within the traditional STEM realm, and only in unison will our innovations and skills bring true greatness into our world moving forward. But before we change the world, we have to start with ourselves. 🙂

The STEAM approach changes the way we see the world around us, the way we see future of our childrens, the way we solve the problems, the way we care about, the way we create and make !

What is our goal?

Our ultimate goal is to expand our creative community where ideas and creations are shared, and where advice and support are given to those who want to expand in STEAM, in creativity and let their kids do so too.

If you like and agree with what we are doing here, consider joining our newsletter or our online community on Facebook! It will help us to help you!

Experience how the STEAM approach redefines our perception, shaping how we envision the world, nurture our children’s future, tackle problems, care deeply, and innovate relentlessly!


REVERIE Trading Group, SIA
VAT nr. LV50103302911
Office : Noliktavu iela 5, Dreiliņi, Stopiņu novads, LV-2130, Latvia

A/S “Swedbank”
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What we offer.

Here is what we and our product selection offer:

1. Give our kids SUPERPOWERS!
2. Help you become an independent Maker and Creator!
3. Support Interactive and Digital, New Media Arts projects and artists!

Since STEAM is vast and includes A LOT, we present you the three different “categories” that we, here at Steamkits, represent:

The first one is for our little future geniuses. We want to see our future engineers, scientists, and technology innovators have fun and start young! In our product collection, we offer a vast selection of educational and interactive/practical toys and kits that teach kids about open-source electronics, robotics, programming, and engineering in an entertaining, creative, and interactive way. Emphasizing practical skills, childrens develop their willpower and creativity, as well as learn to cooperate with others. We believe that learning through play should be fun and not confined to traditional education methods.

And don’t worry, while topics like open-source electronics or programming may sound intimidating, we’ve got you covered! All these kits come with detailed and extensive learning guides and many online tutorials to help you and your kid tackle them with ease. Our product selection is suited for both younger and older kids.

Note: These products are perfectly fine to be used by adults as well! We will support anyone who wants to learn about technology and engineering.

Next, we represent the older STEAM enthusiasts. We offer products like 3D printers, starter and proffesional fillaments, 3D scanners, and CNC engravers:
• that you can incorporate into your professional environment,
• take your first steps towards a small business for at home workshop stations,
• or to enhance your classrooms and institutions if you work in education.

And paint that turns your walls and other surfaces into a whiteboard for modern and inclusive workspaces or children’s room.

And lastly, we represent the creatives, the artists, and the geeks. Our special selection of products will let you access the realm of interactive arts where electricity ignites your creativity, suitable for art installations and projects, as well as for at home fun and personal exploration. Our selection range from products like electric paint and touchboards that together turn surfaces into interactive installations, to MIDI controllers that let you play on skin or fruits. Even go higher, use our offered 3D scanners to create a wonderfull masterpiece of artwork with a help of 3D scans and photogrammetry.

In our product range, you can find various creative devices that will interest everyone.

Open source electronics
The child receives an electronics code set, where he independently assembles various chips. He goes deeper into the process and learns the basics of engineering and electronics.

Robotics gives insight into the principles of programming and modular assembly. By assembling a device from separate parts, which will also work, the child will be delighted and look forward to the next toy. Moreover, we do offer best personal robot pets and smart bots in the class!

3D printers, 3D scanners, CNC milling machine, laser engraving
We offer unique 3-in-1 modular equipment that includes a CNC milling machine, a laser engraver, and a 3D printer. 3D scanners from starters to pro level. Various filaments from beginners to professional robust 3D printer filaments.

Modular toys
These toys are sustainable and can be repositioned as the child grows. Such devices promote the baby’s development and physical activity.

Creative sets
If you are an artist or designer, take a look at our creative tools. We offer various media and audio visual arts solutions

main info steamkits.eu

Do you ever wonder how things work or how to solve problems? If so, you might be interested in STEAM! STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. These are all important subjects that help us learn about the world around us and how things work.

– Science is the study of the natural world and how it works.
– Technology is the use of machines and tools to solve problems and make things easier.
– Engineering is the design and building of things like bridges and buildings.
– Art is the expression of creativity through things like painting and sculpture.
– And math is the study of numbers and how to use them to solve problems.

Together, these subjects form the basis of STEAM education, which helps us learn about the world and how to solve problems in creative and innovative ways. So if you’re interested in learning more about STEAM and how it can help you in the future, be sure to check out some of the educational toys and resources in our website.


Steamkits.eu is a creative lab focusing on, developing, and offering a selected STEAM education, creativity, critical thinking, innovation encouraging solutions.


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Noliktavu iela 5, Dreiliņi, Latvia, LV-1021(+371) 67227742


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