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Bare conductive Workshop

Workshop with products from Bare conductive

Bare conductive Workshop

Are you looking to run a creative interactive workshop?

Perfect! The Interactive Workshop Pack is the best resource available to anyone who wants to engage individuals from non-engineering backgrounds with electronics.

The pack comes with everything you need to run 3 different workshop activities.

Create musical instruments, game controllers, and interactive posters using Electric Paint and Printed Sensors, and the Touch Board.

Each project comes with complete instructions, and one workshop pack can be run with up to 25 participants.


Components glossary :
A guide to what you get and what it’s for.

About :

  • Definitions and resources for Electric Paint, Touch Board and Printed Sensors.
  • Printed Sensors – MIDI
  • Paper Orchestra Creating paper instruments to compose a tune.
  • Electric Paint – Memory Game
  • Painting an interface to play an interactive memory game.
  • Capacitive Sensing – Interactive Posters Plan, design, make and program interactive posters

Contents :
5 x Touch Board
4 x Electric Paint 50ml jar
5 x Electric Paint 10ml tube
6 x Printed Sensors
6 x Instrument Sensors
1 x Guidebook
1 x Sheet carbon dots
2 x USB hub
5 x Mini speakers
5 x MicroSD card
5 x MicroSD card reader
5 x Micro USB cables
50 x Alligator clips
60 x Sticky tabs
6 x Velcro stickers


Play music with paper

Use the Printed Instruments Sensors to create a MIDI paper orchestra!

Participants connect their Touch Boards to printed sensors, select an instrument, and play a tune.


Design game controllers

We’ve created a game so you can design the game controllers!

Use Electric Paint to paint interfaces, and get playing.

For a more advanced workshop, why not modify the code and create your own rules?


Make interactive posters

Make your presentations interactive.

Combine Printed Sensors with the Touch Board and let your posters do the talking with proximity and touchless sensing!

You can always add additional products such as Electric paint or Touch Board Starter kit

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