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/ Tips & Tricks / From Plastic to Perfection: The Magic of 3D Printing

From Plastic to Perfection: The Magic of 3D Printing

HL PRO printed items in white and lack add:north filaments

3D-prints that doesn’t look 3d-printed

Play and Track, based in southern Sweden’s Skåne region, had a vision to enhance and revitalize racket sports for all players. After several years of refinement, their dream became a reality with the creation of Racket Buddy – a fully 3D-printed, remote-controlled, and digital scoreboard for racket sports. This innovative solution promises to make playing these sports more enjoyable for everyone.

add:north 3D printed HL PRO matt game counter

Johan Moreau and Martin Lindström demonstrating, Racket Buddy at Victoriastadion in Lund.

This is actually my first project, using 3D-printers. I had never done it before but I learned quickly. It becomes so easy when you can design something and then a couple of hours later you can have the product physically in your hand – that’s why I love 3D-printing so much, says Johan Moreau – product developer of Racket Buddy.

printed_detail from add:north filament HL PRO white

The primary device, remote controls, and several innovative holders are all fabricated using add:north’s HT PLA Pro Matte filament.

The players can effortlessly track their scores, which are displayed with bright LED lights on the scoreboard, using the remote controls that can be comfortably worn on their wrist or waist.

3D printed HL PRO matte white and black item

I really like the material properties of add:north’s HT PLA Pro Matte. It can withstand up to 80 degrees which is good enough for consumer use. I like the matte look, of course it has to look good if I want to sell it, says Johan

HT PLA Pro Matte filament spool and printed water can white matte

What is HT PLA Pro Matte?

HT PLA Pro Matte filament’s higher density is a result of its innovative formulation that includes non-abrasive minerals, making it a unique and premium choice for 3D printing. The inclusion of these minerals was an accidental discovery made during the development.

add:north was trying to explore new possibilities in 3D printing materials and stumbled upon a formula that resulted in improved strength, dimensional stability, and reduced warping. This formula quickly became a hit among professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether they’re printing for professional or personal use, HT PLA Pro Matte is the ideal choice for those who want the best from their 3D printing materials – with the same ease of use as regular PLA.

I would say anybody can do this. There’s a learning curve of doing the design but the 3d-printing part is very easy. The slicing software is easy to use – you just send it to the printer and have your results within hours, says Johan

FAQ – HT PLA Pro Matte

What is the main difference between regular PLA and HT PLA Pro Matte?

Regular PLA has a working temperature of around 60 degrees compared to HT PLA Pro Matte which can handle temperatures of up to 80 degrees straight out of the printer without any need for annealing.

Will HT PLA Pro Matte be deformed like regular PLA inside a car on a hot summer’s day?
HT PLA Pro Matte has a temperature resistance of 80 degrees so it is highly unlikely that the part will be deformed. (We haven’t tested it in the scorching hot Saudi deserts though).

Why is HT PLA Pro Matte more expensive than regular PLA?
A lot of resources and time have been spent on developing HT PLA Pro Matte and the result is an easy to print PLA filament with better heat resistance than PETG, a gorgeous matte surface finish and ease of use. It can be used for professional end use products and can be printed on any 3D-printer.

Is HT PLA Pro Matte hard to print with?
HT PLA Pro Matte is just as easy to print with as regular PLA and you can use the same slicer settings as for PLA. Supports also break free easily. (We always recommend to print some smaller test prints to fine tune temperature, flow and speed for best results and quality with any new filament).

Will HT PLA Pro Matte hold up for outdoor use?
Yes, HT PLA Pro Matte works fine for outdoor use, however its UV-resistance isn’t that good so the color will likely fade quickly in direct sunlight.

What can I use HT PLA Pro Matte for?
HT PLA Pro Matte is suitable to be used for end use products, for example, electronics cases or covers, miscellaneous decorative or functional parts or high end prototypes that require nice surface finishes. However, due to its limited wear resistance and rigidity, it’s not suitable to be used for high wear applications like gears or high friction parts.

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