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AnkerMake M5 3D Printer

Monthly payment from 25,26 / 60 months

821,59 (inc.VAT)

  • 5X Faster Printing
  • Precise 0.1 mm Detail
  • Built-In Al Camera Monitoring
  • Hub Connects Multiple Devices
  • 7×7 Auto-Leveling
  • Auto-Created Timelapses
  • Easy Assembly
  • Aluminum Alloy Structure
  • Print Volume 235×235×250 mm³
  • Available on backorder

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    Explore the 3D Printing Frontier
    AnkerMake M5 prints 5X faster with 0.1 mm precision. Built-in AI Camera Recognition system keeps your prints on track. Stop the wait and let us help you print smart and fast at every step.

    Anker speed 3d Printer
    • 5X Faster Printing
    • Precise 0.1 mm Detail
    • Built-In Al Camera Monitoring
    • Hub Connects Multiple Devices
    • 7×7 Auto-Leveling
    • Auto-Created Timelapses
    • Easy Assembly
    • Aluminum Alloy Structure
    • Print Volume 235×235×250 mm³

    Precise 0.1 mm Detail
    Never compromise on stable quality even when you’re printing at 5X speed. AnkerMake M5 frees yourself from sanding with smoothness in every thick layer.

    ship made by 0,1 mm noozle

    Start Your Prints with M5

    Built-In Al Camera Monitoring

    The Integrated Intelligent Camera1080p Full HD Resolution

    • Real-Time Monitoring (Up to 720p)
    • Timelapse Videos (1080p)
    • Frame Rate: 30 fps
    A1 camera

    AI Camera Recognition System
    The AnkerMake slicer analyzes the 3D data of the model before printing begins, then the AI Recognition System uses the powerful XBurst CPU to continually check and compare throughout the entire process.

    Monitor Your Prints 24/7
    Check in when you want with real-time viewing via the AnkerMake app.
    Even if it’s 3 AM, you can check on the progress of your print with adaptive light-sensing algorithms. Plus, timelapses look cooler after the sun goes down.

    Error Detected, Instant Alert
    Protect Yourself From

    Spaghetti messes
    Staggered layers
    1st layer adhesion failure
    Nozzle blocking

    camera error detecting

    7×7 Auto-Leveling
    Give your prints accuracy with 7×7 auto-leveling. Advanced algorithms calculate a virtual height map to get the print started right. The only time you need to do any tweaks by hand is when you upgrade something major like the nozzle or PEI soft magnetic steel plate.

    M5 auto leveling 7x7

    Integrated Design Keeps Your Workspace Tidy
    Avoid tangled cables and multiple stray devices with 1 neat, cohesive design. M5 consists of the base and the gantry frame, plus the Z-axis design hides any dangling wires from your view.

    tidy M5

    Bendable and Scratchproof Plates
    No matter how big or small, removing a print is now easy with just a slight bend of the scratch-resistant PEI soft magnetic steel plate when it cools down. And with the heated bed’s magnetic design, you can easily remove and put the print sheet back.

    Bendable M5

    Get Printing Status Notifications
    You’ve got your choice of how to find out when something changes with your 3D print. See an LED light 33 ft (10 m) away, hear a beep, or get an app alert.

    LED indicator

    Print Large Models with High-Speed Efficiency
    Supersize your prints to a whopping 235×235×250 mm³ and watch M5 handle the job fast at 5X speed.

    M5 space matters

    4.3″ Touch Screen Simplifies Printing
    Make the most common tasks easy with a smart, colorful LCD touchscreen. You can also switch to Night Mode to help your eyes when you’re working late.

    touch screen

    Save Material with Instant Alerts
    Never waste a moment or an ounce of filament again with low filament and error alerts. M5 scans before and during the print to ensure your print comes out exactly to your specifications.

    Touch screen alert

    5X Faster, Extra Intelligent.

    Technical Details

    Construction an Technical Details 
    Usable Filament Diameter1.75 mm
    Max Nozzle Temperature260 ºC
    Open Filament SystemYes
    Extruder TypeDirect drive
    Recommended Printing Speed Max500 mm/s (
    Build Area235 mm x 235 mm x 250 mm
    Build Plate Temp Max100 ºC
    Build Plate SurfacePEI
    Build Plate MaterialFlexible Steel Plate
    Build Plate Attachmentmagnetic
    Build Chamber During ProcessOpen
    Extruder Number Of1
    Installation Space / Requirements 
    Total Mass Overall Dimensions502 mm x 438 mm x 470 mm
    Total Weight12.4 kg
    Max Power Consumption350 W
    VoltageAC: 100 V – 240 V
    Hepa FilterNo
    Filament Runout SensorYes
    Filament Clogging SensorYes
    Power Loss Fail SafeYes
    Touch ScreenYes
    Memory InternalYes, 8 Gbyte
    USB PortYes
    Cloud ControlYes
    Resolution0.1 mm
    Shipping Weight14.8 kg

    Additional information

    Weight14,8 kg
    Dimensions58 × 49 × 30 cm



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