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FLUX HEXA laser cutter/engraver

Monthly payment from 200,20 / 60 months

8100,95 (inc.VAT)

The FLUX HEXA More capacity, more possibilities. With a max working area of 730 x 410 x 125mm (With autofocus up to 60 mm), HEXA is 33% larger and 40 mm deeper. FLUX HEXA is a dramatically more powerful laser cutter to fulfill your professional needs. Standardly equipped with an improved steel honeycomb platform and cone spacers.

  • Work area : 730 x 410 x 125mm (With autofocus up to 60 mm)
  • Laser Spec: 60W CO2
  • Simple Software that’s easy to use
  • Very precise cutting and engraving
  • Camera alignment
  • Internal water-cooling
  • High resolution laser

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FLUX series laser cutting machines
The FLUX HEXA laser cutting machine can cut very thin materials very quickly (e.g. up to 10 mm in the case of plywood and plexiglass, but generally approx. 3-5 mm materials are used). Can cut and engrave wood, plexiglass, leather, carton, cardboard, rubber, paper, felt and other soft materials. Designs can also be engraved on harder surfaces such as glass, concrete, stone and various metals (anodised aluminium, special spray-coated metal or directly on pure metal with a hybrid laser module – including stainless steel).

Laser cutting machines are also an ideal companion for educational institutions. Laser cutting and engraving allows students to finish their designed products quickly and easily in just one hour. Laser engraving is also a good opportunity for the school to make and engrave its own souvenirs (medals, clocks, trophies, plaques, presents, etc.).

The FLUX series laser cutting machines also have a built-in camera, which makes it even easier to use – for example, by placing an object in the laser (such as a wall clock) the camera can display it in the software and place the engraved logo/text directly on the part. This eliminates the time-consuming measurement and detail adjustment process that would be required with other laser machines. The camera can fit a file onto the object in just seconds.

1 – 1x FLUX HEXA (distilled water not included, has to be filled before usage)
2 – Vent hose Duct Clamp
3 – Double sided tape to align the mirror’s
4 – Ethernet cable
5 – Cone spacers
5 – Vent Hose
6 – Package with wrench’s, extra tool’s
7 – Dampers
8 – Torx screwdriver, 2.5mm hexagonal wrench & 3mm hexagonal wrench
9 – USB-Adapter
10 – Power cord
11 – USB cable
12 – Wifi Dongle USB
13 – Funnel
14 – Laser Cutter Lubricant

15 – HEXA Manual

16 – Wood piece

17 – A4 (Letter size) paper

18 – Honey Comb Platform (60W)

HEXA Flux work area

FLUX HEXA laser cutter uses cutting-edge technology with simplicity, maximizing quality and functionality. Equipped with a 60 W CO2 laser, HEXA is able to cut many different materials, leaving clean and precise edges. Narrower than human hair width – HEXA laser engravings have a resolution of 0.05 mm and 1000 DPI. The user-friendly software that comes with the device will allow you to prepare a normal image or vector file for engraving or cutting material in a matter of minutes.

Dimensions:1240 x 800 x 410 mm
Weight:68 kg
Work Area:730 x 410 x 125 mm / Working Depth: With autofocus & Honeycomb – 60 mm, Without Honeycomb (autofocus not possible) – 125mm
Camera Preview Area:730 x 410 mm
Voltage:AC 110V / 220V
Touch Panel:1024 x 600 LCD
Camera:HD CMOS
I / O:USB / WiFi / Ethernet
Laser Spec:60W CO₂ Laser
Laser Wavelength:10640 nm
Laser Cutting Speed:5 mm/s – 25 mm/s (Measurement: 3mm-10mm acrylic)
Laser Cutting Thickness:0 – 20 mm (varies by material)
Software Mode:Vector / Graphic (monochrome, gray scale)
Software Operating System:Windows / macOS / Linux / Chrome / Safari
Software File Type:JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF / AI / PDF

Additional information

Weight58 kg
Dimensions80 × 124 × 41 cm



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