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The Playtronica MIDI Controller TOUCHME is an innovative and interactive audio device that allows users to create music by using various touch-sensitive surfaces, including human skin, water, and even flowers. This unique musical instrument transforms these surfaces into sound-producing interfaces, offering a creative and immersive musical experience.

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Turn human skin, water, or flowers into a musical instrument with TOUCHME. Play alone or with your friends!

As the area of touch and intensity changes, the sound changes too.

Ready to get started?

You need a computer, tablet, or smartphone, as well as a TOUCHME device and objects that can conduct electricity.

Just open any online synth, and you’re ready to play!  No noticeable latency, TOUCHME reacts just as any other midi controller.

KIT Includes

– TOUCHME MIDI controller, USB cable, 2 alligator clips, a storage envelope

What you can do 

– Play on skin, water or flowers
– Change the sound using the intensity of touch
– Play alone or with a friend
– No musical skill needed

How to use

– Connect TOUCHME to a PC, phone or tablet
– Use Google Chrome to open synth.playtronica.com and choose any synth you like
– Touch both ends of TOUCHME to play
– If you’re with a friend, then each of you should touch one end of TOUCHME, and play on each other skin


Additional info:
– TOUCHME is not waterproof
– TOUCHME is absolutely safe, but we don’t recommend using it for people with pacemakers (just in case)

Key Features:

  • Versatile Touch Sensing: The TOUCHME MIDI Controller can be used on a wide range of surfaces, such as skin, water, and flowers, making it a versatile instrument for creative expression.
  • Interactive Play: Users can play the TOUCHME instrument by touching or interacting with the chosen surface. The intensity and area of touch influence the sound generated, providing dynamic and expressive control over the music.
  • Collaborative Play: Whether you want to create music alone or with friends, the TOUCHME allows for collaborative music-making experiences, making it an excellent choice for group creativity.
  • Electronic Music: This clever electronics kit enables users to turn themselves and their surroundings into living electronic music instruments, blurring the lines between the human body and technology.
  • Immersive Musical Exploration: The TOUCHME MIDI Controller offers a unique and immersive way to explore music, sound, and creativity, making it suitable for musicians, artists, educators, and anyone interested in experimental music.

Additional information

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Dimensions23 × 18 × 2 cm



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