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8BitCADE Original

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8BitCADE Original

Beginner Friendly DIY Game Console to Learn STEM Skills

  • Great way for first timers to take their first steps into the world of STEM!
  • Explore electronics and how different components make the console work as a whole
  • Learn how to solder and perform basic programming
  • Easy-to-follow step by step lessons and tutorials
  • Learn electronics the fun and exciting way!

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Explore STEM with the 8BitCADE Original


Start your STEM adventure by building one of our DIY kits!

Learn about : 

  • electronics,
  • coding,
  • soldering, and so much more!

8BitCADE ORIGINAL offers :

  • Exciting and challenging project with 70 pieces
  • Step by step tutorials that are super easy to follow
  • Supports over 200+ games from amazing creators
  • Tutorials to code and create your own games
  • Beginner build perfect for new makers!
    • RETRO GAMES CONSOLE  – Make, Play and Code your own retro games console. Enhance your skills in a fun and rewarding way. Learn electronics and soldering. Program and develop your own games and beat your highest score! With a compact design, you can take our handheld games consoles anywhere and play on the go!
    • MAKING – The 8BitCADE Original comes in kit form that you assemble to create your very own retro games console. Intuitive online guide will walk you through, step by step, how to build your new games console. Well also teach you the basics of soldering, electronics and more!
    • LEARNING –  The 8BitCADE isnt just a retro games console, its an education. With our project-based tutorials, youll learn everything from the basics of programming to games development. Aimed at all difficulties, there are guides for both beginners and experienced programmers alike.
    • GAMING – With over 200 retro themed games to choose from, our 8BitCADE original is the perfect console for any gamer. Featuring a 1.3 inch, 128 by 64-pixel screen, this retro games console offers perfect detail for 8Bit gaming & coding. Plus, the 500 milliamp battery gives you around 10 hours of power, so you have a super-powerful, handheld games console to play on the go!
    • ELECTRONICS KIT – This DIY gaming console features a range of electronics. The 3 programmable RGB LEDs help beginners learn some of the fundamentals of programming. The ATmega32U4 board runs at 16MHz and packs 2.5Kb of ram. Being an Arduino based board its easy to upload existing programs and add your own.

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Dimensions13 × 10 × 4 cm



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