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CircuitMess Nibble

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CircuitMess Nibble- An Educational DIY Game Console

3 easy steps to start playing with STEM toys!

  1. Assemble the CircuitMess toy following the included instructions.
  2. Spend quality time with your kids as they learn new skills such as electronics and coding while working on the toy together.
  3. Once assembled, enjoy playing games!

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The CircuitMess Nibble is a toy that can help kids learn about electronics and coding. It’s like a mini computer that they can build, and it comes with a special program that helps you learn how to code. Kids doesn’t have to know anything about electronics or coding before they start, so it’s perfect for beginners.


Kids will also learn about hardware – that’s the stuff inside a computer that makes it work. The Nibble’s instructions are available online for free, so you can see how all the parts fit together. The Nibble’s software is also available online, so you can learn how it works and even create your own games and apps.

This toy is especially good for kids who are 9 years old or older. It’s a lot of fun to build and play with, and it’s a great way to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

Once you’ve finished building it, the Nibble can be used to play all sorts of games.

Nibble comes preloaded with four retro games inspired by cult classics:

Snake – probably the most recognizable game from the early mobile phone era
Bonk – an homage to Pong – one of the first commercially-successful video games
Invaderz – a classic space shooter
SpaceRocks – shoot asteroids and earn points


Nibble specs:

Procesor: 32-bit, 160MHz
Storage: 4MB
Display: 1.4″ 128×128 Full color TFT
Connectivity: WiFi
Build time: 2 hours
Programming: C++ (Arduino), CircuitBlocks, Python
Suitable age: 9+


You can code games for your Nibble using CircuitBlocks code editor, similar to Scratch, or Code.org, which make learning embedded programming easy for beginners.

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Dimensions29 × 19 × 3,5 cm



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