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CircuitMess Armstrong

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145,19 (inc.VAT)

CircuitMess Armstrong DIY Robotic Arm
Build & Code Your Own Robotic Arm

Learn about electronics & coding
Industrial automation
Reflective color sensors
Recommended for age 11+

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× CircuitMess Armstrong
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CircuitMess Armstrong, a cutting-edge robotic arm, serves as an educational tool for understanding industrial automation. What sets this device apart is its remarkable ability to effortlessly execute intricate tasks through programmable instructions.

A Handful Of Fun
Play around with the preloaded functions — explore the sea of different possibilities or create a custom routine for Armstrong.
Armstrong will not mistake your favorite T–shirt for your mom’s because it has a color sensor that helps it differentiate objects that it grabs.


Build Armstrong and learn STEM

Hardware skills:

Soldering & hardware assembly
Robotic arms and industrial automation
Reflective color sensors
Microcomputers & other electronic components

Coding skills:

Coding in C++ & CircuitBlocks
Control servo motors using a microcomputer
Embedded programming
Code IFTT (if this then that) tasks for your Armstrong

coding skills

What will you get inside the box?

  1. RGB LED
  2. Red LEDs
  3. Male pin headers
  4. Push buttons + caps
  5. JST connector
  6. Servo motors
  7. FPC ribbon cable
  8. USB-C cable
  9. Anti-slip pads
  10. Nylon bolts
  11. Nylon spacers
  12. JST extender cable
  13. Header connector cable
  14. Rotary encoders + caps
  15. 3xAA battery holder
  16. Acrylic mechanical parts
  17. Colored demonstration objects
  18. Sticker sheet
Armstrong rrobot arm pre assambled all items on desk

What you’ll get:

  • Main circuit board with an integrated CPU, WiFi, and USB-C
  • Laser-cut robot arm parts
  • Four servo motors
  • USB-C cable
  • A bag of other small components such as connectors, nuts, and bolts
  • Reflective color sensor
  • An instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption

What you’ll learn:

  • how to solder and assemble your very own robotic arm
  • how to use a microcomputer for servo motor control
  • how robotic arms are used in industrial automation
  • how to create a custom program for your robotic arm
  • how reflective color sensors work
  • how to interface a color sensor with your robotic arm to recognize different objects

What you can do with it:

  • Move the robotic arm and play with the preloaded functions as soon as you assemble your Armstrong
  • Code new functions for the implemented microcontroller
  • Use the included Wi-Fi functionality to connect your Armstrong to the internet
  • Learn about industrial automation by creating a custom routine for your Armstrong
  • Use the included color sensor to differentiate different objects that Armstrong grab

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 4 cm



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