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CircuitMess Dusty

15,72 (inc.VAT)

CircuitMess Dusty
Beginner–friendly 40–piece kit
Has photoresistors that detect light
You will learn about electronics & photoresistors
Learn how to solder electronic components
Recomemnded for age 9+

20 in stock (can be backordered)

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Dusty is a unique wacky robot that is equipped with photoresistors so it can move by following the light. It also teaches you about transistors and photoresistors, which makes it the perfect tool for introducing young learners to the basics of robotics and electronics.

Practice soldering while assembling fun, hands-on projects.
Instruction booklet is in the box

What will you get inside the box?

    1. LEDs
    2. Photoresistors
    3. Resistors
    4. Potentiometers
    5. Transistors
    6. Motors
    7. Plexiglass parts
    8. Nylon and metal bolts, nylon spacers
    9. Connectors
    10. Switch
    11. Battery holder
    12. Batteries
    13. Printed circuit board
    14. Wires
what is in the box Dusty robot details

Additional information

Weight0,400 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 4 cm



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