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CircuitMess Spencer

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CircuitMess Spencer – DIY Voice Assistant Kit

  • Build your own voice assistant
  • Hands-on STEM experience
  • Suitable for novices
  • Estimated build time of 4 hours
  • Use CircuitBlocks to teach Spencer new tricks

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Discover the future of technology with CircuitMess Spencer, the DIY Voice Assistant Kit.
Control your world, learn electronics and coding, and unleash your creativity with open-source freedom.
Elevate your tech experience today!

Introducing Spencer, your new talkative friend and the ultimate learning companion for inquisitive minds! Spencer isn’t just any DIY voice assistant kit; it’s an exceptional way to empower kids aged 11 and up with hands-on STEM experiences while having a blast. Let’s dive into the incredible benefits that Spencer brings to the table.

Unlock the Power of STEM: Spencer is your gateway to a world of coding, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and speech synthesis. With no prior knowledge required, students can embark on an exciting journey to learn cutting-edge skills that will prepare them for the future.

Hands-On Learning: Spencer isn’t just about coding; it’s also an opportunity to master hardware skills. From soldering and hardware assembly to sound processing, microcomputers, LED displays, and more, students get a comprehensive education in the world of electronics.

Endless Fun and Learning: Spencer is not just a voice assistant; it’s a versatile companion. He can play games, answer questions, tell stories, provide weather forecasts, and even talk like a pirate! With a microphone that understands your every word and a programmable LED board for custom animations, the fun never stops.

Easy Assembly: Thanks to step-by-step, jargon-free instructions, students can build Spencer with minimal help. In just four hours, you’ll have your new friend up and running, ready to answer your questions and entertain you.

Unleash Creativity: Spencer isn’t static; he’s a dynamic learning tool. With CircuitBlocks, you can code new functions and teach Spencer new tricks, ensuring that your educational journey is always evolving.

Everything You Need: The Spencer kit includes everything you need for a seamless experience, from circuit boards and acrylic casing to electronic components and even Spencer’s arms and legs. It’s a complete package that opens doors to endless possibilities.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to inspire young minds and equip them with the skills they need for the future. Spencer is more than a DIY kit; it’s a gateway to endless creativity and knowledge.

Get started today with Spencer, and watch your child’s curiosity and skills soar to new heights. The future of STEM learning is here – seize it!

Benefits of Spencer: DIY voice assistant kit

  • No previous knowledge is required making it an excellent way to empower students through hands-on STEM experience while having fun.
  • Students will learn coding skills in artificial intelligence, voice recognition & speech synthesis, and C++
  • Learn hardware skills in soldering & hardware assembly, sound processing, microcomputers, LED displays, and other electronic components
  • Learn critical future skills for careers in the engineering world
  • Spencer can play games, answer questions, tell stories, tell you the weather forecast, and even talk like a pirate.
  • Spencer’s microphone understands everything you say, and his programmable LED board can display custom animations.
  • Step-by-step jargon free instructions ensure students will be able to build Spencer with minimal help
  • You can ask Spencer questions the same day it arrives; it’s estimated it takes just 4 hours to build.
  • Once built CircuitBlocks can be used to code new functions and teach Spencer new tricks.

In the box

  • Spencer’s circuit board that includes a pre-soldered 144-pixel LED grid
  • The brain board – does smart stuff and includes a dual-core processor, a 16 MB flash memory chip, and power-management circuitry
  • Acrylic casing – this protects Spencer’s innards from the outside world
  • A big red button
  • Various smaller components such as resistors and pushbuttons
  • Micro USB cable for powering your Spencer
  • 5W Speaker
  • Instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption

Additional information

Weight0,74 kg
Dimensions29 × 19 × 3,5 cm



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