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CircuitMess Wheelson

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CircuitMess Wheelson

Build & Code Your Own Artificial Intelligence robot car

  • CircuitMess Wheelson is an educational DIY kit for building an AI self-driving car.
  • It includes components for constructing a self-driving car equipped with a camera.
  • Wheelson can be programmed to autonomously navigate like a real self-driving car.
  • It offers an engaging way for students to learn STEM concepts through hands-on building and coding.
  • CircuitMess Wheelson is designed to promote robotics and AI education for ages 11 and up.

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CircuitMess Wheelson

Build & Code Your Own Artificial Intelligence robot car

Autonomous robot cars, electromotors & battery management circuits, sensors & camera calibration, object recognition

About this item

  • NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE NEEDED: a STEM project designed to teach kids and adults the basics of electronics in a fun and exciting way.
  • LEARN ABOUT HARDWARE and soldering: Follow detailed and easy-to-understand instructions. Learn about computer vision, camera calibration, microprocessors and more..
  • EASY CODING FOR BEGINNERS: Drag and drop blocks, or code in a text-based environment in C++. Learn how to program your Wheelson for autonomous driving.
  • ALL THE COMPONENTS COME IN THE BOX: circuit and display boards, camera and headlights board, Li-Po battery, electromotors, wheels, etc.) as well as TFT LCD screen, casing, knobs and switches, detailed instructions, etc.) as well as interesting reading materials with exciting facts on technology behind self-driving cars.
  • HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NEWLY BUILT WHEELSON: Take it for a test drive, make it recognize QR codes and play with built-in line tracking and objection recognition algorithms.


Never loses a sense

  • Detect traffic lights, measure the distance, track other vehicles, read QR codes and look for pedestrians.
  • With lidar sensors, thermal cameras, and HDR sensors, your autonomous car will never know of a bumpy ride.

Robot car toy with super vision

  • Discover Wheelsons computer vision — an algorithm that determines a specific action depending on a video feed from a camera.
  • With its machine learning, this car detects surroundings even in the dark.

Additional information

Weight0,74 kg
Dimensions29 × 19 × 3,5 cm



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