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/ Projects / superlucid – An Interactive Solution For Events and Shows

superlucid – An Interactive Solution For Events and Shows

bareconductive project

Dunkelblaufastschwarz, German for “dark blue nearly black”, is an advertising, design, and digital agency based in Salzburg, Austria, and they used the Interactive Wall Kit to create their own interactive wall. They created the display for their client Axess AG at the famous Interalpin, a famous trade show event for everything related to skiing in Austria. Knowing that global market leaders require to be ahead of the competition, dunkelblaufastschwarz had to come up with something special.

The team wanted to present the client’s USPs and products in a way that visitors at the fair would remember them. After some research, they came up with the idea to create an interactive experience. They created a wall where all the technology was hidden, by embedding the technology behind the wall. The front of the wall was covered by the artwork. By using the capacitive sensors of the Touch Board that is part of the kit, the team at dunkelblaufastschwarz created proximity sensors behind the wall. The Touch Board is connected to a computer, running a projection mapping software, and is connected to a projector. When a user touched the artwork at specific spots, they would trigger an animation that was projected via projection mapping. The Touch Board has 12 sensors so it allows for multiple users to use the wall installation.

The team had to overcome several challenges when implementing this interactive display. The biggest issue was to get all four areas intertwined: content and graphics for the wall, booth design, which included the wooden wall and lighting, animations for the projection mapping, and user experience and interface design. They were able to do most of the aspects in-house, using Bare Conductive technology to create the interactive surface.

The interactive installation was well received by Axess AG’s team and got a lot of engagement by their visitors. The Axess AG team noticed how a certain group dynamic evolved: visitors seeing one touching the wall stopped, approached the wall as well, and started interacting with it. The fact that the technology is invisible was the most captivating part, there was no screen and the users did not see the sensors.

The success of the wall lead the dunkelblaufastschwarz team to create “superlucid”, interactive walls products that they took to more trade shows, such as the ISPO corporate event in Munich. They are planning on creating many more installations once events are allowed again.

Source : Bareconductive.com

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