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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Warranty and the right of returns

Thank you for the choice of purchasing a product in our store. We are doing our best to sell items for your choice and meet the shopping process to procure the only positive emotions.


Far-sighted buyer thinks of warranty, so we ask that you become acquainted with them:

1. All goods purchased from Steamkits.eu is granted by a manufacturer’s warranty!

2. The manufacturer warranty period for products are different, it may be up to 25 years. Mostly its from 12 to 36 month. For information on the manufacturer’s warranty for your chosen product, please look at product description or ask for the Customer Service Representative.

3. Do not worry if the manufacturer of the product warranty period will be determined in less than two years. Steamkits.eu give you the guarantee of national laws and regulations of the procedure and terms (2 years for Consumer products in European Union).

4. Remember – warranty terms are applicable, if you can show:
– Proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or receipt);
– Manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty card (if the manufacturer or distributor secure it);

5. Warranty does not apply to goods other appurtenances (accessories), battery pack (battery, batteries), accessories, which are applicable with limited warranty (fuses, headsets, microphones, projector lamps and bulbs, ink e.c.).

6. Warranty does not apply if:
– The product has broken guarantee seal, change of serial number, or technical damage caused physical damage incurred after the purchase;
– Natural disasters (floods, storms, lightning, fire, earthquake);
– Damage / defect as the result of a foreign substance enters the product, liquids or insects;
– A non-standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts and raw materials (cartridges, toners, etc.), the manufacturer has not certified for use with the product, and if the product it is caused to damage by ;
– Damage / defect was storing voltage, telecommunication, cable networks, non-compliance with manufacturer’s standards, rapid temperature fluctuations, as well as other domestic and external factors (soot, smoke, dust, humidity);
– No regular service / preventative maintenance (applies to goods to which that is needed);
– Will use the product for production or business purposes (if that product is not intended for such purposes).

7. Prior to the service repairs, take care of data security. Warranty service centers does not guarantee the retention of data, so plese keep data backup.

8. If the item is broke, or it appears damage / defect characteristics. Do not wait and exercise their right to:
– Go to the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty certificated service center (palate of the purchase receipt and warranty card!)
– Contact the seller, in this case us – Steamktis.eu
– By calling (+371) 67227742 or write to readLine@steamkits.eu , you will be heared and we will recommend the best solution.

9. The right of withdrawal. You can use the right of withdrawal and return the item within 14 calendar days after purchase. To avoid confusion, at the goods receipt make sure it fully meets requirements of ordered – manufacturer, model, color, size and other relevant parameters. We accept refuwnds and returns if goods is in the same condition as you recieved them (brand new, not used, not opened box, sealed box e.c.)

10. If you want to exercise the refund rights – please note the following recommendations:
– Check, but not use a product;
– Preserve and not damage the original product packaging and assembly (sealed plastic containers can be carefully opened with scissors);

11. In case you want to give up the goods delivered from Steamkits.eu. Check if you are not forgotten and lost the purchase receipt and warranty card!

12. International costumers should send back goods in original box (preffered to be sealed and not opened) via inssured forwarder. All taxes and freight costs should be covered by buyer.


We will do our best to guarantee the procedure moves faster and recommend the most effective solution to avoid you unnecessary worries!


Steamkits.eu is a creative lab focusing on, developing, and offering a selected STEAM education, creativity, critical thinking, innovation encouraging solutions.


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Noliktavu iela 5, Dreiliņi, Latvia, LV-1021(+371) 67227742


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