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/ Tips & Tricks / Tips & Tricks about ERM vibration motors

Tips & Tricks about ERM vibration motors

ERM are around us daily !

There are some most common usage of ERM

  • Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) vibration motors are a popular and versatile component used in a wide range of electronic devices to create haptic feedback. They offer a simple and efficient way to provide users with a tactile response, such as vibration alerts or feedback for user interactions, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • One of the most common uses of ERM motors is in mobile devices. They are often found in smartphones and smartwatches, providing vibration alerts for incoming calls, messages, and other notifications. ERM motors can also create vibration patterns for touch interactions, such as haptic feedback for scrolling, tapping, or swiping. In gaming, ERM motors can be found in controllers, providing feedback for in-game events like explosions, collisions, or other actions.
  • ERM motors are also commonly used in wearable devices, such as fitness trackers. They provide haptic feedback for fitness goals achieved, such as a vibrating notification when a user reaches their step goal. They can also be used to alert the user of incoming messages or other important events.
  • Medical devices also benefit from ERM motors, which are used to create haptic feedback for alerts and notifications, such as medication reminders or vital sign alarms. This can be particularly helpful for patients who may have difficulty hearing or seeing alerts.
  • ERM motors are also used in consumer electronics, such as laptops, headphones, and remote controls, to provide haptic feedback for button presses or other interactions. This creates a more tactile and engaging user experience, making these devices easier and more pleasant to use.
  • circuitmess mr.bee details on desk

    Fun way to learn about ERM

    To better understand how these motors work, one fun and educational way is to assemble Circuitmess Wacky Robots’ “Mr. Bee” kit, which incorporates an ERM motor.
    The Mr. Bee kit is designed to teach the basics of electronics, and provides a fun and interactive way to learn about ERM motors. The kit includes all the necessary components, including an ERM motor, to assemble a working robot. The robot is controlled by a simple switch, which can be used to turn the motor on and off.

    ERM motors on the back

    Assembling the Mr. Bee kit is a great way to learn about the basic principles of ERM motors. The ERM motor works by using an unbalanced weight, or eccentric mass, mounted on a rotating shaft. As the motor rotates, the unbalanced weight causes the motor to vibrate, creating the haptic feedback that is felt by the user.

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