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/ Tips & Tricks / Tech-Savvy Love: Unconventional Valentine’s Gift Ideas with 3D Printers, Robots and more
valentine article cover

Tech-Savvy Love: Unconventional Valentine’s Gift Ideas with 3D Printers, Robots and more

As the Steamkits Team, we are exhausted by mundane, cookie-cutter Valentine gift ideas.
Hence, we have come up with captivating and slightly eccentric notions to ensure you have
a truly extraordinary and exhilarating Valentines Day experience.
3d printer and heart

Get it ON with 3D Printing

Personally, we love us some good 3D printing.

So, we have gathered a few fun, out of the box ideas to print.

For Valentine’s day, these will be perfect while simultaneously serving as a great source of inspiration for your day-to-day little endeavors.

We are expanding our vision, so should you. 😉


Check out our guide – Snapmakers 2.0 Get started

3d printer with a censored print


3D printer + EasyFlex filament* + Valentine’s day


use your wildest/naughtiest imagination…

eggplant emoji and eye emoji

*print anything whatever requires softness and flexibility

3d printed crown in gold


We’ve been on BookTok (the TikTok book club that hypes fantasy and romance reads, sharing hot characters in snappy vids – for those who don’t know) and we know what geeks love, which we do too.

Make your partner’s fantasy world real by printing out their faves and have a fantastic Valentine’s night!

We believe our queens and kings deserve to be celebrated, that’s why for this idea we chose a 3D printed crown. It’s cool, right?

3d printed handcuffs in black


3D printing doesn’t end there though. How about handcuffs, ties or even bikinis as a quirky gift for your loved one?

Or yourself – no judgement!

With add:north’s carbon fiber-reinforced PETG Rigid X Black filament nothing will break as it’s the perfect material for a broad range of demanding applications, such as vehicle parts, fixtures or jiggs.


Check out our blog post on how to print with Rigid X here 😉

midi controller touchme edit in a painting of god's and david's hands


Moving on from 3D printing – this is TOUCHME MIDI controller our Valentine’s favourite. It has it in the name – play music with touch. On another person’s body. 😉 (Also on water, flowers, fruits – you name it. Only rule – it needs to be electricity conductive)

For creative individuals who thrive on experimenting with music TOUCHME will be an incredible device.


But you really don’t need to be a music-making geek to get the best out of it.

It’s very simple to use:

connect the TOUCHME to a device of your liking (PC, phone or tablet) and open up a DAW or online synthesizer (here is a free synth option for you called – Love). Hold each end of the TOUCHME and start experimenting! The MIDI controller will start playing the synth whenever you touch anything conductive. Try it on your partner. 😉


So, set it up, get spicy, make music and make love.

TOUCHME’s bigger brother is PLAYTRON – check it out as well!

2 cute robots next to eachother posed as cupids


On a more cutesy note, here is Eilik by Energize Lab.

Basically, it’s a work-desk friend. This gift idea is for those who love silly and cute stuff. Eilik is fun on its own, but we prefer the company of two or even more Eiliks. The way they interact with one another is so entertaining to watch – they fight and bicker with each other, it’s so funny. They also have games and reminders built into them.

We believe they make the perfect silly little Valentine’s Day gift.



By the way, we were curious about what the good old ChatGPT would have to say about Eilik, and this is what we got for an answer

white wall with black drawings and text


Next is ESCREO Clear Whiteboard Paint* (kit).

Basically, you can turn anything into a whiteboard: a wall, a desk, or the floor.

We use this paint to turn our workspace into a team brainstorming powerhouse, but it’s also great to bring home.

Is your lover a creative person? We are sure they would love it.


P.S. Also useful for organizational purpouses (fellow ADHS-ers will understand 😉)

*There are also white and magnetic versions of this paint.

3d printed figurine of a woman's body


Again, for a less traditional idea, we have the 3DMAKERPRO SEAL 3D SCANNER (kit), the world’s first consumer 3D scanner with an accuracy of 0.01mm. The scanner uses complex mechanisms, which you can read about in detail on our Seal product page. Weighing only 254g, it is light and quiet, making it portable for on-the-go scanning, and it supports Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

It will be exceptional for those who work in design, architecture, or with professional 3D printing.

But here’s our Valentine’s spin:

Capture your partner’s body and take boudoir photos to a different level.

This is what the manufacturer, 3DMakerPro, says about their scanner – “Exceptional accuracy, vivid textures, and intelligent features.”

pet robot loona playing with a baseball


And lastly, for all our loners out there – we present Loona – The most intelligent petbot. It’s smart, intuitive, affectionate, and playful – everything you could dream of in a best friend and more.

Get ready to fall in love and don’t spend your Valentine’s Day alone.

Loona is really cool with a wide range of emotions and has an in-built ChatGPT. It really does feel like you are interacting with a live and a sentient being.

Thank you for joining on this little valentine-themed gift journey

We hope you liked it as much as we enjoyed to make it


Have a sweet Valentine’s

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