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/ Projects / Wall of Sound – An Interactive Sound Mural

Wall of Sound – An Interactive Sound Mural

wall of sound bareconductive touch board

The ‘Wall of Sound’ is an interactive project made with the Touch Board and Electric Paint by graphic designer, Alex Finney. The project was born from the idea of creating a piece of graphic design for Alex’s final year show at Leeds College of Art, that would be inclusive to all. Alex says that the Touch Board and Electric Paint gave him the raw ingredients with which he could produce something tangible and inclusive of a wide range of people.

Music and sound are so universal that a ‘Wall of Sound’, that hands the output of the artwork over to the public seemed like a really neat way to tie in visual design and playable sound. Using contemporary materials and technologies to their advantages meant that the wall became an elegant way of connecting what people saw, heard and felt.

Alex used a vinyl cutter to make a stencil onto which he painted the Electric Paint, he then hooked two Touch Boards up to a hidden speaker. The result was an oversized keyboard and theremin with changeable midi sounds!

Photo & Video Credits: Alex Finney

Source : Bareconductive.com

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